How to Convert Videos to MP3 for Free Music – Snappea

One of the great disadvantages of the platforms where we can enjoy music via streaming is that, if we want to continue listening to a song without Internet or have it downloaded to our device, we will not enjoy that possibility unless we pay a monthly fee. Well, thanks to an application that we are going to present to you, we can have MP3 files of our favorite songs from their music videos.

The application in question is called Snappea and we can use it both in a web version and in an app for our Android mobile device. The best of all is that both possibilities are free and that we will not have any type of limitation to download the MP3 files that we want.


The Snappea website

This MP3 converter that we present to you has an extremely effective and easy-to-use web version. We can have any video we want from YouTube and convert it into an MP3 file to be able to enjoy it without having to be connected to the Internet. In addition, thanks to the number of videos that the Google platform has, we will find that song that we like so much and that we want to have it downloaded.

To achieve this, we only have to follow a few simple steps, since, as we have mentioned, the operation of this MP3 music transformer is really simple.

  • We must access the website from any browser we use. Without a doubt something that we love is that we do not have any advertising and that the design is extremely clean.
  • The next thing we have to do is write the URL address of the YouTube video from which we want to extract its audio or choose one of the possibilities presented to us on the website itself.

Snappea Web

  • Once we click on Search , we will see at the bottom all the possibilities from which we can download the video.
  • It is time for us to choose the one that best suits what we are looking for, since we will have several with different qualities and, therefore, different weights.
  • We can also choose to download the video in MP4 format .

opciones Snappea

Snappea will not only help us to download YouTube videos individually, since we can use playlists and thus download several themes at the same time.

Snappea is also on Android

As many of us use mobile phones as the main source to listen to our favorite music, there is also an application for Android terminals of this tool, whose operation is just as simple as in the web version that we have just seen.

  • We download the mobile application from the same website and install the apk file that is downloaded to our device.
  • Once we grant all the relevant permissions, it will be time to put the name of the song we want to download in the search bar.

Snappea Android

  • Now we are going to see several possibilities that the app finds on YouTube with that name.
  • Now we are presented with two options.
    • The first is to download the videos directly by clicking on the down arrow that is in all the possibilities that they have shown us.
    • The second is by entering the video itself and clicking on the button on the right where it says Download .

Snappea móvil

  • Let us use one or the other, the video will be downloaded in MP3 format on our mobile device and thus we will be able to enjoy it.

How you have been able to read it is very easy to have all the music that we like the most and be able to use it offline, since we will have it in MP3 files within our devices thanks to Snappea.