How long does the mobile battery last in good condition?

One of the doubts that many users have is how long the battery of their mobile phone can last in good condition to find out how long this component can last if they use it rationally. As a general rule, the useful life of a lithium battery is 300 to 500 full charge cycles.

This could change soon, since the European Union is considering a new regulation in which mobile device manufacturers would be obliged to offer batteries with a minimum of 500 charge cycles . However, this change is not yet a reality.

How long does the mobile battery last in good condition

In any case, we give you an approximation of how long mobile batteries usually last and how to know if yours is in good condition or not.

The battery of the mobile usually lasts…

If you charge the mobile more than once a day, it could last from a year to a year and a half at most, even less. However, if it usually lasts longer, you do not make much use of the mobile and you have good habits, it could last for 2 years or more. The usual thing is that the useful life of the battery begins to end in a period that goes from 6 months to 36 months.

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To find out more exactly, you can check the charge cycles that your mobile phone is capable of supporting when you buy it or if you already have it. You can do it on the Internet, consulting the technical characteristics of the mobile and specifically those related to its battery. But you can also try to find out what the health of your battery is, something that we will reveal how you can do in the next section.

How to check it on your mobile

If you want to know how much battery is left on your specific mobile without having to be aware of it, you can look at the Android tests by typing the following code on your phone *#*#4636#*#* if it allows you to access this information or try an application that offers you this information.

This code is not valid on all mobiles or this information is not on them, so you may have to resort to an app . This may be CPU-Z, although there are others, such as Ampere. You can try the one you like the most or keep both. You will have to see if it indicates that it is in good condition or not.

comprobar-estado-bateria You can download both applications from your mobile device store, Play Store, by searching for them, or from here:



You can also see if the settings of your phone offer you this information, although it is not the most common in Android, it is offered by some customization layers.

In the case of the iPhone it is simpler because in the same Phone Settings, in the Battery section, you will find a section that says Battery Health and will indicate the maximum capacity it has at that time, without having to resort to external apps.

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Tips to increase the life of your battery

With these tips you will not make your autonomy greater, but it will not be less than what corresponds to you. Thus, you will be able to optimize the charging cycles and make your battery last longer in the best state. Otherwise, the time may come sooner when you consider whether to change the battery, something that is more expensive than before because they are integrated, or consider a new mobile purchase.

Some guidelines for your battery to last much longer in better condition are:

  • Use the original charger and cable
  • Check that it is compatible with the charge of your phone
  • Don’t abuse fast charging
  • Keep your battery at levels between 20 and 80%
  • Keep your phone away from high temperatures and don’t let it overheat