Google and Apple in trouble: the main photo app doesn't work on iPhones

Unfortunately, we have already gotten used to seeing iOS updates arrive with various bugs when it comes to how well the iPhone works. The latest version of Apple‘s operating system is not without problems, especially for those who are used to using Google Photos.

Of the many failures that each new version of iOS usually has, the truth is that the interaction with third-party applications is usually good. The downside is that, in this case, it is precisely an app that has begun, not to fail, but directly to stop working on the brand’s mobiles. As reported by countless users, in this case it is the popular Google Photos application that has ‘broken’ after updating the mobile to iOS 16.3.1.

Google and Apple in trouble

Do not update your mobile

If you have an iPhone and use Google Photos , we strongly recommend that you do not update to the latest version of the Apple software yet that appears on the screen encouraging you to download and install it. You may update and nothing happens to you, but the bug with the Google application affects more and more users.

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@marshi0 @AppleParaTodos_ Same. iPhone 14 pro Max. I ran out of Google photos. Not reinstalling. It does not work. The camera still does not focus on WhatsApp, Twitter, etc… is it a good time to try a @SamsungSpain? Possibly yes.
February 13, 2023 • 23:54



Several users claim that the new update completely breaks the operation of the Google photo management application on the iPhone, making it completely inaccessible. Complaints started surfacing a few hours after the update was made available to Apple customers via system settings, so it seems like this is an issue that affects all users, and is not just limited to to a certain region.

What happens is, once you try to open Google Photos after installing iOS 16.3.1 , the app crashes and you can’t open it again. So far, Google has not yet commented on this issue, and there is no information on what is causing the malfunction. Although it is not known if the problem is on the side of iOS or possible incompatibilities of the current version of Google Photos . Seeing that the bug has appeared as a result of applying the new version of the software, we are very afraid that it is Apple who must respond to this bug, although it may also be the case that a simple update by Google allows us to fix the bug of the app.

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How do I fix it?

If you’ve gotten this far having updated to the newest version of iOS on your iPhone, there’s really not much you can do. At the moment neither Google nor Apple have made any statement and there is nothing you can do to fix Google Photos on Apple phones at this time.

Google is most likely investigating the issue as we speak, so it’s very likely that a fix will arrive in the next few hours, as the company should be working on a patch that it releases in the next few hours or at the earliest. latest tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you haven’t updated your phone, we recommend holding out for a bit longer before installing the new iOS version on your iPhone.