GOMP3: How to Download Videos in MP3 and MP4 from YouTube

There are many different ways to download videos from YouTube in MP3 and MP4 format. In today’s article we will discuss two types of converters that allow users to download videos from YouTube. The two types of converters discussed in this article are:

  1. Software
  2. Online

Software Converters

Software converters are fantastic. They are very powerful and allow users to convert all sorts of videos, from small clips to full length movies. They are also able to pull data from YouTube and convert YouTube videos to your desired format. There is a slight hiccup to using a converter software. These are very power intensive and require a stable medium to high-end system to run the software.

Many people usually do not have a medium to high-end system. Some are not even looking to convert the videos to their laptops since many want to bring the MP3 file straight to their preferred device of choice like a mobile phone, iPad, tablets, MP3 players and more. These devices are not capable of running such conversion software. Users have to use a YouTube downloader first on their laptop or desktop and then transfer it to their preferred listening device. This wastes a lot of time while creating hassle. Instead of all this, users have resorted to online streaming services like YouTube music, Amazon Prime and more.

Youtube Downloader

Online Converters

Online converters are simple to use and do not require any sort of installation or any browser extensions. They allow users to download YouTube to MP3 to any of their preferred devices. However, with online converters there have been many issues.

Online converters are not being actively managed. Over the years, these online converters have lost their charm since they are not being managed by a team any more. These converters not only have issues with their website code but download broken formats or incomplete files wasting time.

Then there are converters that are being actively managed but to pay for their team, they have too many ads going about on their websites. It becomes very difficult to navigate through such websites without being redirected to a page that you don’t even want to be on. Sometimes, malware finds a way through all these ads and clutter infecting your device. This can be dangerous since malwares are capable of stealing confidential data and might even end up creating issues for you.

This is not to say that there are no online converters out there that do a great job. There are still plenty of converters that actually work. These online converters offer so many output formats options that it becomes difficult to select one since the choices are way too many. Such converters can create a lot of confusion for many new users who are looking to get their videos converted from YouTube to MP3. Too many options are never good for a consumer as it wastes a lot of time.

There are also converters that work great but they have daily download limits on it. These can cause hindrance for those who have a list of videos to convert. Going over the daily limits is allowed; however, you would need to purchase a premium account to have access to unlimited downloads. This is something many people refuse to do since they would rather pay for audio streaming services than a converter’s premium account.

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YouTube to MP3 and MP4

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