Fix Instagram filters: put an end to the location problem to activate them

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment and also one of the oldest that we know in terms of smartphones. The passage of time has considerably affected the Meta application and it includes more and more interesting functions, although one of the favorites by users is to use all kinds of filters for your photos.

These are a source of endless fun because of the endless possibilities you can find, whether it’s turning into Baby Yoda or showing up with fewer facial blemishes. No matter what your desire is, there is a good chance that you will end up with an effect that meets your needs. However, there are times when it is impossible to enjoy them due to an error in the mobile app.

Fix Instagram filters

The origin of the fault

Filters have ended up becoming a widespread trend in the community and that is why Instagram problems related to them generate a real headache. To access them, just slide one finger to the right from the application’s home screen. Once the camera is open, at the bottom you can see all the effects you have stored. It should be noted that there is also the search engine to locate some that are of interest to you.

However, there are those who can not squeeze this feature with a message that says the following: “This effect is not available in your location” . Also, the option to save filters as favorites has temporarily disappeared. An inconvenience that has a clear explanation provided by Meta itself.

The impossibility of making use of this system comes as a consequence of facial recognition laws . The filters scan the face of the subject to modify their appearance and this technology does not pass the legality of some countries, so in certain areas they will not be available at the moment. Currently the US company is working to offer a solution as soon as possible through a system that explains to users how the scanning technology works.

Put an end to the problem of Instagram filters


Although it is true that there is no official solution right now, but you can use different methods to take advantage of this feature again and get unimaginable stories on Instagram. Many users have found several ways to eradicate the problem and below:

  • Turn off location on your phone

The simplest solution, but not the most effective, is to turn off the GPS location of your smartphone and uninstall the app . When you download it again, launch it without turning on location and you may get the filters back.

  • Enable Face and Hands Effect permission

It is an option that does not appear in all versions of Instagram, but it is worth trying. Open the application on your phone and click on your profile to later access the configuration. Touch the Privacy” section and scroll to the bottom to find “Effects of face and hands”, whose permissions you must accept.

  • Clear data and use a VPN

The last momentary solution that users have found has to do with clearing the cache and data of the application. Then, it will download a VPN service on your device and access it again.