Paranna iPhone-puheluiden laatua tällä piilotetun ääneneristysominaisuuden avulla

The sound quality of iPhone calls is well-known to be superior to that of cheaper phones. Be aware of a hidden feature that can significantly enhance your conversations. The innovative technology of voice isolation has changed the game for call quality. This is how you can make use of this little-known function.

parantaa puheluita iPhonessa

What is Voice Isolation?

Users often overlook the abundance of features in iPhones. Voice isolation is a feature that can be modified only during an ongoing phone call. Through its noise-cancellation features, this tool ensures that you’re heard loud and clear.

The process of isolating voice is fairly straightforward.

Voice isolation activation on the iPhone is challenging since it’s not found in the “Settings” panel. Subsequently, it must be enabled while you’re on a call, in the following iteration:Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set it up:Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set it up:

Start a Phone Call: To access the feature, you should be on a call with another person. Ask a friend to call you, hold off until you need to call someone, or call yourself. For a straightforward exercise, dialing your phone might be the simplest option to start. Ring your own number and proceed when your screen displays “out of service. ”

Open Control Center: When you’re on a call, your Control Center is just a swipe away. The menu for managing Wi-Fi and mobile data settings is the same as to where it’s handled.

Change Microphone Mode: When you’re in the Control Center, keep an eye out for the microphone icon. Click on it to reveal more options.

Select Voice Isolation: Voice Isolation and Background Sound are two of the many options available. When using the Voice Isolation option, the iPhone will prioritize your voice and reduce background noise.

Why Use Voice Isolation?

A sound isolating vocal booth is a great option for noisy environments. This feature ensures your message gets through, whether you’re in a park or on a busy street. Crucially, it’s a fundamental requirement for professionals who need clear communication during calls or influencers who demand high-quality audio.


- iOS 16 update offers voice isolation for phone calls. 4. Confirm that your device is in sync with the latest software. Here are the supported models:Here are the supported models:

iPhone: XR, XS, and next-generation models.

iPad: As of the 8th generation and later, the 11-inch and 12-inch Pro models of the iPad Pro will be included in the lineup. iPad Air (3rd generation) and later and iPad mini (5th generation) and later and 9-inch (3rd generation) and after.

Enhance the audio quality of your iPhone calls by following these steps.