Kuinka korjata "Tätä videota ei voida lähettää" WhatsAppissa: Helppoja ratkaisuja

Mielenkiintoista, WhatsApp‘s versatility allows users to send texts and audio messages, make calls, and more. In the event, you come across a frustrating message saying, “This video cannot be sent,” you can use this comprehensive guide to find out why it’s happening and how to resolve it.


The Errors: Common Causes and Solutions

The failure of video transmission via WhatsApp may be attributed to a variety of causes, including application restrictions and device problems. Investigate these factors and their remedial actions.

1. Video Size Limitations

WhatsApp imposes size limits on videos you can send through chats:WhatsApp imposes size limits on videos you can send through chats:

Fast Internet Connection: Instead of merely sending videos, you can upload up to 100 MB with a resolution of up to 720p.

Slower Internet Connection: The limit is decreased to 64 MB, and resolution is capped at 480 pixels.

Solution: When in doubt, compress your video to compress it to a smaller file size. You can opt to send larger video files as documents using the “Files” option, with a cap of 2 GB.

2. WhatsApp Outage

The problem could be with WhatsApp’s video compression algorithm and not with your video. File uploads may be prevented by outages or server issues.

Solution: Double-check WhatsApp’s status by visiting websites that specialize in monitoring internet services. You’ll have to wait until the outage is resolved.

3. Temporary App Glitch

Periodic faults could prevent video uploads.

Solution: Send the video again after a short pause. Restarting your phone or the WhatsApp app is a quick fix for temporary bugs.

4. Riittämätön tallennustila

– The lack of storage space on your device may lead to issues when sending or receiving media files.

Solution: Make room for new apps on your device. For Android users, follow these steps:For Android users, follow these steps:

Check the settings of your smartphone by going to the “Settings” menu.

Click on “Applications. ”

Select “Manage applications. ”

Identify WhatsApp in the list of installed applications on your device.

Choose “Storage and cache” and then “Free up storage space. ”

Note: Before deleting files, make sure you back up your chats to prevent any data loss. To clear up storage space on an iPhone, saving a backup and then removing and reinstalling WhatsApp is required.

To keep video sharing flowing smoothly. ..

Use Reliable Internet: A good internet connection is essential to prevent video uploads from being interrupted.

Keep WhatsApp Updated: Regularly install the newest app version to safeguard against security breaches and access the latest updates.

Use Compatible Formats: Make sure your video is compatible with WhatsApp by saving it as an MP4 file.


Dealing with the “This video cannot be sent” issue on WhatsApp can be a, but it’s typically easy to resolve. By ensuring the correct video size, you can send it without any issues. Adhering to these guidelines will help you maintain uninterrupted communication on WhatsApp.