Download Torrents 2020: Best Movie and Series Websites

Downloading content from the Internet is something that has been going on for many years. In all this type, we have used different methods from direct download to P2P technology, with two exponents that stand out above all. On the one hand, we have the possibility of downloading with eMule and, on the other hand, downloading torrents through the BitTorrent network. Being a very changing world and subject to much movement, we tell you what are the best websites to download torrents in 2020 in both English (original version) and Spanish.

Nothing has been able to end the BitTorrent network and its torrents. There are thousands of users who use this medium every day to upload and download content to the Internet, in addition to sharing with other users. In order to use this network, it is necessary to have an Internet connection and use some of the torrent programs and clients to download the best rated ones of the moment.

Where do I find torrents to download?

From there, it will be enough to access one of the hundreds of websites that we find on the Internet to get the necessary .torrent link. We will have to open that link with one of the torrent programs that we have linked in the previous paragraph and the download will begin. It is also possible that many websites offer us .magnet links that are a special type of link that will open the download directly without downloading the corresponding .torrent file first.

Choose the way we choose, we must have an updated list of portals to download torrent. Therefore, we leave you two listings ordered below. The first with the best websites to download torrent in 2020, in all languages, and the second in the form of a list of websites to download torrent exclusively in Spanish, both from Spain and Latin.

Top torrent websites

These are the best websites on the planet to download:

The Pirate Bay


The eternal survivor who has been enduring judicial persecution for many years. In fact, it is blocked in Spain and we will have to resort to alternative methods to access. At the end of the article we explain how to access blocked websites in your country with various methods. In the case of The Pirate Bay, it is still a reference despite the problems to access. Every day it receives news and maintains its classic design that helps us feel at home. His domain in the Tor network is piratebayztemzmv.onion.


One of the websites that has grown the most in recent years. Its interface is fast and simple, which allows us to find the latest torrents to download. Its organization by categories allows us to watch movies, series, documentaries and concerts in qualities ranging from 720p to 2160p . It is one of the reference websites to achieve the highest quality, with a lot of 4K content, obtained in Blu-ray, remuxeados or recoded in H.264. Screeners or CAMs are not content found on this website. It also stands out for its PC games section and its adult content section.


Another of the most popular websites on the planet that has also had problems with justice. With a more careful visual aspect, this website offers sections of movies, series, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others and adults. In addition, in a comment they clarify that, although is the main domain, we can also access through .



Torrentz2 is the best option if what we are looking for is a multi-page torrent indexer . Its database has 61.1 million torrents from 91 different domains of mostly public trackers. Therefore, it is the option if we are looking for any type of file. This website is the alternative to the original disappeared a few years ago.


Another portal increasingly known and used with access to a wide variety of multimedia content, as well as software and games. It has a vast database of more than 11 million torrents thanks to the website has been operational since 2009.



Another website closed a few years ago, but that came back stronger than ever is ExtraTorrent . In it we find a wide variety of content, with movies, series, books, software and adult content. In fact, its creators do not hide at any time that their project emerges as an alternative to


torrents Another website that has gone through a lot until 2020. In fact, the previous domain has been closed and now redirects us to a new .mx domain. The content and appearance remain the same, with popular downloads as soon as you access and below the latest uploads you have made. Simple and fast operation, ideal for movies.


torrents In the same way that YTS is ideal for downloading movies, EZTV is ideal for getting the latest series released to the market . On this website all the latest chapters of all the series and programs of the moment in original version are uploaded a few minutes after being issued.


Another website that has taken advantage of the closure of other more powerful ones to gradually gain a place among the most visited. It stands out for being one of those that intrusive advertising has and, as soon as you access, you can see a list of the most active torrents of the moment , as well as those that have just been uploaded. We may have to “complete” a captcha before accessing.


This website has a cover that collects the most popular torrents of each category , such as movies, series, music, games or software. Its cover gives us quick access to the latest news, which inform us of its size, the available seeds or the “health” of the link. We can find series, movies, music, games, software, anime, books and others.


Torlock has a cover where we can see the most popular torrents of each category, in addition to the most popular among those added in the last 24 hours. Again, on the cover we have all the information of the torrents. In this case, it stands out for having a tag cloud in the upper area that informs us of the most common searches and the most demanded content.



Another of the popular websites with a simple and fast aspect that does not show us any list of outstanding or recently uploaded torrents, but a search engine with categories such as series, movies, software, music, games, anime, books or adults.

Torrent Project


We end up with a meta search engine that currently indexes more than 10 million torrent files , so it is quite likely that we will find what we are looking for. Its appearance is simple and we just have to enter the text and click on “Search”. In a few seconds we will have results.


And if you haven’t found something in the previous ones, we will always have Rutracker. This Russian website is a mine to find content that is not available elsewhere.

Top Spanish torrent websites

Once we have known the main download sites for torrents in general, we will now focus on the Spanish content market. In this segment we must exercise extreme caution since there are many clones, copies and fake websites that mimic the appearance of legitimate ones. These websites usually download .zip files instead of .torrent or use our computer to mine cryptocurrencies.

Don Torrent


Possibly the reference website to download torrent in Spanish . So far it works without problems and does not seem to hide anything suspicious. The .torrent files are downloaded and we have no other scripts. On its cover we have the news that have been uploaded and on the left side quick access to all sections.


elitetorrent 2020

Accessing EliteTorrent in 2020 is still possible as long as we use one of the alternative methods detailed below. His domain has been released recently after the closure of several of the best known. The web downloads .torrent files without problems and is updated frequently.


This website is fully functional at the moment and download the torrents without problems, in addition to offering several options to achieve it, in addition to several qualities to adapt to the needs of the users.

DIVX releases

With a more proper name from another era, this website works perfectly and allows us to get movies, series, games and other content in Spanish, offering the option of being Spanish from Spain or Latin Spanish. On the right side we have a summary of the most seen in the last 7 days in case it helps us to find the latest news or the most searched.



Web of torrents in Spanish with a lot of content updated and categorized in a simple way . In addition to the premieres, we have listings according to quality, or by themes such as series or movies. When downloading the .torrent file we must see advertising, although the process ends successfully for the user.



A web of torrents in Spanish that always appears in the comments of the users. In addition to a cover with the highlights, it offers the latest movies uploaded in each of the categories. To download, we must look for a small box with the text “TORRENT OR MAGNET-LINK HERE” that opens the link from an external website.


Another website that we should avoid at the moment because it downloads .zip files that hide quite dangerous scripts .

Best Torrent

This website was one of the most prominent at the time, but currently download .zip files that hide quite dangerous scripts. Better avoid.

The torrents website does not work … what can I do?

The websites of torrents are not exactly stable. There are many that close every year and many others that migrate to alternative domains to continue working. In addition, we have a third case of domains that are blocked in a country, but that we can continue to access whenever we take appropriate measures to do so.

Use a VPN

The first of the alternatives that we can use to access a blocked website is to hire some of the best VPN . These tools have many advantages and there are even those who recommend their use at all times, especially when downloading content from the Internet.

Use Tor Browser

The Tor Browser browser, based on Mozilla Firefox, is the easiest option to access the Deep Web of the anonymous Tor network . Its operation allows us to skip the censorship of many domains and access blocked websites without problems. In addition, we can also enter the .onion domains that many download portals enable to prevent “traditional” domains from being blocked.