How to Download Any Video from Instagram: Stories, Reels or IGTV

How to Download Any Video from Instagram

It does not matter if it is a story, a reel, a direct or a publication in the feed, we are going to tell you all the options you have to download videos from Instagram . If they are yours, it is easier and you avoid possible copyright problems, but if you want to do it with those of any other user, you should know that you can do it too.

Instagram and the potential of video content

Video has beaten the other formats. And not because the photo or the audio has disappeared, but because many users are more attracted to this type of content. In addition, that is the impression that is created when seeing how platforms such as YouTube, Twitch or social networks such as Instagram itself, TikTok and the like have grown.

Another important factor in the explosion of video content has been the improvement at the level of specifications of the cameras of, especially, mobile phones and the availability of much faster internet connections and without data limitations or with more generous plans even from the mobile. Of course, this is something you probably already knew.

So leaving aside things that are already very obvious, the truth is that surely on more than one occasion you have seen videos published by other users that contain information, curiosities or have simply been fun and you are interested in being able to save them to see them at other times. What’s more, there may be situations in which you would be interested in having them to be able to carry out some type of montage that you then upload to your profiles as a collaboration or reaction, etc. Without forgetting the possible didactic use if you are a teacher or as a student for some type of work.

Whatever you want to do with those videos, the important thing is that you know that you will be able to easily download them from any platform and in particular from Instagram. Of course, it is always good to comment with its author why you want to do it. Because we talked about its content and because it could avoid possible later accusations. That not everything on the internet is free, nor is there for everyone to decide what to do or how to use what others share.

If you are interested in all this, we are going to tell you all the options you have to download video content from Instagram, from stories to reels, publications on ffed or IGTV (also photos if you want).

How to download your own content

In the case of being your own content, the most normal thing is that you want to recover the one that you have published in the stories or IGTV. For the first contents the process is as simple as you can see in the following images.

In a native way, through the Instagram app you will be able to download your stories as long as they have not disappeared. You just have to click on the three-point icon and then select download. Once it is finished, you will have the content in the gallery of your phone in case you want to use it in other applications or networks. Of course, if you have added music using the Instagram sticker, the audio will be muted.

And in the case of videos on IGTV, practically the same, you would only have to go to the video and give the option to save to have it in the phone’s gallery to use whenever you want. For the publications in the feed it is likely that you already have this material and if not, you could apply the same method as for the content of others that you can see below.

Download Instagram videos from the browser

The simplest and most interesting option for most users is to download videos directly from the browser . Mainly because that way they would already have the material ready to use in applications such as video editors. Also if the intention is to use them in some type of work, presentation, etc.

To download Instagram videos directly from a computer or other device using only the browser there are different options. Just do a search in Google with the terms download video Instagram and they will appear. Among all of them there are two that work very well and are as easy to use as copying the URL of the content that interests you and pasting.

  • InstaDownloader is one of these services that for free allows you to download both photos and videos from a PC, Mac, Linux computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The videos do not have to be only from the publications, stories or any of the specific formats of the platform. It is able to differentiate them and so you can have everything that you want to save
  • Save Insta is another website similar to the previous one, although here you will see that several tabs appear depending on the content that you are going to download from Instagram. That is, you can paste the URL of a photo, reel, video or story. In addition, in case you have any questions, on the page itself they explain how the process is depending on the device you are going to use.

In both services you need to know the URL of the publication. It is on a PC computer it is very simple, on mobile devices the simplest thing is to go to the Instagram application and in sharing options select copy link. That copied URL is the one you have to paste in both services.

Mobile applications to download video from Instagram

To do the same from a mobile device with iOS or Android, although you can use the browsers of both systems to access these aforementioned services, the easiest way if you are recurrent in this action is to use one of the many applications dedicated to it. .

These apps are basically the same. Because like previous web services there is little mystery beyond knowing how to automate the process of accessing the content posted by a profile and knowing from which URL to download the material.

Respect copyright

As you can see, downloading any type of content that is published on Instagram is not complicated at all. What’s more, it is so simple that on more than one occasion you can forget that you are accessing content that users usually post publicly on their profiles, but that does not imply that they can be used freely later.

Therefore, it is important and always recommended that if you intend to repost, adapt or use for educational purposes, you first discuss it with the author of said material . This way you will avoid problems in the future and you will be respecting the material of others as you would like them to do with yours.