Do you have all the Office updates? check it like this

As with the vast majority of applications that we install on our computer, including the operating system, its updates are a key element. This is something that, in addition to affecting Windows or Linux, also extends to all kinds of programs, including the Office suite.

Keep in mind that the updates that we mention here not only help us to receive the latest functions developed. In addition, those responsible for the software solutions that we update are also in charge of patching the latest security flaws discovered. Therefore, it is evident that the new versions of the software that we install help us both at a functional and security level. In this specific case we have mentioned the Microsoft office suite because it is what we want to focus on next.

Do you have all the Office updates

It goes without saying that it is made up of a series of programs that could be considered as the most used in the world. Here we find solutions of the importance of Word, Excel or PowerPoint . These are applications that we use to cover the different types of common office use in both professional and domestic environments. However, as happens with the rest of the majority of installed applications, it is advisable to keep this suite suitably updated .

The fact that Office is made up of several applications could lead to some confusion when it comes to updating them. With everything and with this, we must take into consideration that Microsoft is in charge of making things easier for us and simplifying them in this sense, as we will show you below.

Check if we have updated Office

In the event that we want to know if we have the latest updates released by Microsoft for its Office suite, we are going to see how we can achieve it. The first thing we need to know here is that this is a check that we can carry out from any program in the productivity suite itself. In this way we can run Word or Excel in a conventional way and access its main interface . If we take a look at its usual menus, in the upper left part of the interface we find the usual File menu.

At that moment we click on it to select the option called Account from among all the available ones. In the new window that appears we will find a series of buttons, including one that says Office Updates . This is precisely the one that interests us to know if we have the latest versions of the Microsoft office suite. As soon as you click on it, a drop-down list appears with several options related to this topic.

Actualizaciones office

At this point, it is worth mentioning that from the drop-down list that we mentioned, we have the possibility of carrying out several movements. From here we can take a look at the history of updates that have been carried out in recent times in Office. We can also obtain information about them , or update the suite in its entirety at that very moment.

Thanks to this last function, we ensure that we have the most recent version of the Office programs. To do this, simply click on Update now to receive the latest releases from Redmond.