Nejlepší tipy pro bezpečné čištění iPhonu bez poškození

Abyste si iPhone looking sharp, you need to do more. Improper cleaning methods can cause a buildup of dirt and dust in the small crevices and ports, leading to damage. These essential tips are crucial for keeping your device clean and functioning correctly.

čištění iphone

Avoid Using Sewing Needles

As a matter of fact, using a sewing needle to clean the small holes for microphones, speakers, or the Lightning port is not recommended. Needles can easily damage the internal components or the external protective structures of these parts. Go for plastic interdental brushes with a softer touch. In addition, compressed air spray can be used safely to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places.

Stay away from ethyl alcohol as it can be harmful.

While it’s a common disinfectant, alcohol isn’t the best choice for cleaning your iPhone. The use of ethyl alcohol can cause damage to glass and other materials due to its harshness. Liquids formulated for electronic devices guarantee safe and effective cleaning. If cleaning is required, isopropyl alcohol is the best option for electronic components.

Vyhněte se abrazivním materiálům

To avoid any harm, avoid using towels or kitchen cloths to clean the screen. Prevent scratches by using soft, non-crystal materials. You don’t have to spend $25 on a specialized cleaning cloth from jablko; you can find similar soft-textured cloths at a lower price.

Proč investovat do čističky vzduchu?

In addition to looking good, keeping your iPhone clean also contributes to its longevity. To avoid damaging your device, skip the sharp tools, harsh chemicals, and abrasive materials. Use these tips to keep your iPhone in top condition.