Jak řešit problémy s nízkou rychlostí internetu při používání VPN

VPNs may slow down your internet connection at times hence limiting your use such as streaming videos and downloads or cloud storage. But is it an issue with the VPN you are using or with your real Internet connection? Below are the steps towards proper identification of the problem and how to solve it.

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Understanding VPN Speed Reduction

When you are using a VPN, some drop in the internet speed will always be observed. This is because the VPN’s encryption and redirection of your traffic through its servers. However, slow speeds or consistent interruptions could be a sign of a supplier’s VPN provider problems or a general network problem.

The process of diagnosing the problem, which is part of the internal environment analysis, is as follows:

1. Despite the fact that the speed test is relatively simple, you need to perform it in a certain sequence because of its nature, and the end result depends on how it is done.

Begin with a speed check, with the VPN on and then off. This will help you know whether the VPN is the main reason behind the said issue. If your internet connection itself is slow even in the absence of the VPN, then the problem lies with the internet.

Possible Connection Issues: Some of the common causes of this include; being out of the range of the router, faulty network cable, improperly configured device. Do these fixes and then conduct the speed test again.

2. Switch to Another VPN Server

Most VPN services will have several servers available at their disposal. Establishing a connection to another server may slow down your connection or it may not be as good.

Server Location: Select a server that is near to the geographical location you are in. For instance, if you are amongst the Spanish users, choose the server in France or Germany than in US or Japan.

3. It would be appropriate to use a Different VPN

If the problem is still persistent and a switch in servers do not make a difference, then it is desirable to use a different service of virtual private connection. This can help decide whether the problem has to do with the certain VPN you were connecting to.

Selecting a VPN: It is advisable that you select a VPN with good reputation and who is able to provide warranty of their services from other users.

4. Connect Another Device

Check that the network and the internet connection is not an issue from a different device. For instance, if experiencing problems in your computer, connect your smartphone on the same network and VPN. This can be useful in determining whether the issue is peculiar to a particular devise or not.

Consistent Testing Conditions: Keep the device in the said position and make sure that the type of connection also used is the same. g. , wired or wireless).

Proč investovat do čističky vzduchu?

This protocol allows you to decide whether the slow connection is because of the VPN or the network you are using. It is impossible to talk about the root cause and take measures to enhance the connection if you are unaware of the problem. Be alert and ensure that your device and connections are at their optimum in case you’re using a VPN.