Create a PC inside a mechanical keyboard and the result is… peculiar

Carter Hurd defines himself as an engineer, inventor and aspiring artist. This young man from Utah has a YouTube channel where he has been uploading all kinds of projects for several years in which he materializes the ideas that arise in his head. His latest creation is a laptop with an ultra-panoramic screen that he has managed to install inside the casing of a mechanical keyboard .

Are the computers made by technology Youtubers practical?

Create a PC inside a mechanical keyboard and the result is... peculiar

Like any good youtuber of gadgets, gadgets and technology, Carter Hurd already made his own Cyberdeck months ago. And, like everyone else, he admits that the invention was more fun to build than to use. But that hasn’t stopped him. Hurd brainstormed and came up with a portable all-in-one concept that had the best of the Cyberdeck and was functional.

Where does the Cyberdeck fail? On the screen? On the keyboard? No, where the Cyberdeck fails to measure up is in the operating system . After all, almost everyone who builds one does so with a Raspberry Pi, which condemns you to use Linux distributions. For this new project, it was clear to Carter Hurd that he had to use a laptop board, one that had an Intel or AMD processor . In this way, you could install Windows without problems .

A computer inside a mechanical keyboard. The definitive ‘cyberpunk’ PC

After searching the internet, he discovered that 11th Gen Intel i5 and Intel i7 laptop boards were way out of his budget, so he did what any crackpot genius would do: scrap his own laptop . After testing an adapter with his new widescreen, he concluded that his project was going to be viable.

As a chassis, the youtuber got an Iqunix OG80 , a wireless mechanical keyboard with a truly spectacular design and a fairly wide base, a primary requirement to achieve its goal. Of course, it took him a lot of work to disassemble the case and polish some plastic parts of the support to make a hole for his motherboard. Carter replaced part of the original keyboard base with a part he made in 3D .

The youtuber also had to solve various space problems, such as bending the processor’s heatpipes to fit. He even cut his M.2 SSD in half to make room, risking it quite a bit, as he says, he didn’t have a backup of its contents. Luckily, everything turned out pretty well.

Is the invention functional?

dual monitor pc carter hurd

The result once assembled is quite curious. Carter Hurd has created a fairly futuristic machine with which he also feels comfortable working. And it is that, in the upper part of the Ultrawide screen, the Youtuber has placed a kind of support to place an extra monitor . With this, Hurd has recreated a concept that Asus already marketed with its ZenBook Pro Duo 15, only with a much more attractive design and a really low investment.