Can Netflix know that you use VPN?

Using a VPN is quite common. It is used to maintain privacy when using wireless Wi-Fi networks, hide the real IP or be able to avoid geographic blocking that may exist. However, sometimes doubts arise. One of them is, for example, if Netflix knows that we use VPN . The same with any streaming platform. In this article we are going to talk about this matter and give some tips for using such a program.

Streaming services see if you use VPN

Can Netflix know that you use VPN

It is common to use a VPN to watch Netflix and platforms of this type due to possible blocks that may exist. For example, a series may not be available in the country you are in. What the VPN does is simulate your real location and thus be able to access content that may be geographically limited.

This technique does not like these platforms. That is why they can use different methods to see if users are using a VPN and be able to block it. However, it is not common and it is normal that you can connect in this way without any problem.

One technique that services like Netflix can use is to block a specific IP address . They can detect that an IP actually corresponds to a VPN and they will block it from being able to connect to their servers. What they basically do is check the incoming requests and the corresponding IP. If it is on a list that it detects corresponds to a VPN, they block it.

This is so since IP addresses can be associated with companies, proxy servers or VPNs. The streaming platform can take this into account and block them if it knows for sure that it is of this type. They are mainly based on algorithms to determine when an IP can correspond to a home user and when to a VPN.

Another option they have is to check the DNS server information . To be able to surf the net we need to use DNS servers, which can be those of our operator or change them for different ones. When using a VPN, this program will also change the DNS server information. The streaming platform could detect this.

They could even use GPS information and thus know where we are really located. If it does not match the IP, it could block the connection and not let us access your service.

Problemas de cortes con una VPN

Tips for using a VPN for Netflix

Not all VPNs are the same, as you might imagine. Some work worse, others may even be insecure. If you want to prevent Netflix from knowing that you are using a VPN and blocking the connection, it is best to use an application that is reliable , that has multiple servers and thus be able to choose which one works best.

You will have many alternatives available, but generally the ones that are free are the ones that work the worst and the ones that will also have security problems. Some options like NordVPN or ExpressVPN work very well for Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Therefore, our advice is to choose well which VPN to use. This is going to be essential to avoid cuts and also to be able to protect personal data and that problems that compromise privacy do not appear.