Can I buy NFTs on eBay or Amazon?

Concepts such as the metaverse or NFTs have gained great importance in recent months. Hence, a multitude of companies and end users are gradually delving into all of this to somehow obtain benefits.

Everything related to cryptocurrencies is not new to most today, but it is true that over time new digital goods appear to trade. It seems that for some time now, those known as NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are monopolizing much of the attention online. Much of the blame for this lies with famous people or certain companies that are betting on these elements of digital commerce.

Can I buy NFTs on eBay or Amazon

Lately we have been able to see how certain celebrities begin to sell content of these characteristics through the internet. At the same time, some large companies, for example, those related to the world of video games, are also betting on these goods. Of course, although at first all this may seem like a game, we cannot confuse it. Furthermore, there are certain titles in the form of gaming software that we can use to trade these NFTs.

For all this that we are telling you, it is easy to imagine that we have a good number of specialized channels and portals to acquire these digital goods . But at the same time there are users who wonder about the possibility of getting some through the most popular e-commerce websites. A clear example of all this can be found, for example, in the well-known eBay or Amazon that most have used at some point.

eBay, Amazon and trading with NFTs

Well, for all those who have considered this possibility over the last few months, say that the retail giant Amazon has not yet made the decision to enter the world of NFTs. However, quite the opposite, we can say about the best-known online auction portal out there, eBay. It is true that at this time the interest aroused by these digital goods is not what was expected by those who bet on all of it.

ebay nft

However, despite everything, the well- known auction portal has recently made the determination to try to enter and bet on these digital tokens. We tell you this because eBay is looking for a way to enter the world of NFTs. Hence, a few days ago it presented a collection of tokens with 3D animations. Here you can see iconic athletes in motion captured from the covers of Sports Illustrated magazine. An example of this is found in the first of these releases.

In it, Canadian hockey athlete Wayne Gretzky can be seen performing some of his most popular moves. Thus, it includes thirteen limited edition digital collectibles containing 299 NFTs . eBay plans to carry out this type of movement related to digital goods over the next few months until the end of the year. You will be able to see new animated images of the Sports Illustrated covers and thus they will try to enter this complex market of NFTs, we will see success of all this.