Blocked from accessing the VPN? How to fix it and browse safely

Sometimes problems can arise when using a VPN. It may be that a specific program that you need to use blocks it and you cannot connect. Also a web page or any service can detect that you connect in this way and prevent you from accessing. What can you do? In this article, we are going to talk about what you should do if you have been blocked from accessing VPN and how you can solve it to browse the Internet safely.

What to do if the VPN is blocked

Blocked from accessing the VPN

One of the uses of VPNs is to be able to access certain services and platforms that are geographically blocked . For example, if a country does not allow you to use a social network or a page does not work in a territory. By connecting through a VPN, it is as if we were in another place. But of course, they may also block it and it won’t help.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the importance of having a VPN that is guaranteed . Those that are free tend to have more problems in this regard and it is easier for them to be blocked. In addition, they will have fewer servers available to be able to connect to the country that interests you and have a good connection.

An example of the importance of having a good, guaranteed VPN is being able to use obfuscated servers . If you connect to a normal server, operators and websites may detect it because it came from a VPN and block it. On the other hand, if you use obfuscated servers, they are specialized in being able to bypass VPN blocks and you will not have any problems.

There are also modes that some VPNs use and whose mission is to hide that we are precisely using this type of application. They are not available in all, but you can always investigate and see if the one you are using has such an option. What it does is simply activate this function if it detects that you are accessing a site or are going to use an application that blocks it.

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Another option is the technique known as multi- hop or multi-hop VPN. What does this mean? That VPN will allow the user to send the data through two or more servers. It will not go out through a single server, so it could be blocked. It is one more alternative to avoid having problems in this regard.

In short, if the VPN blocks you when you try to access any page or platform, you can take into account what we have explained. It is essential to use a good program, which has multiple servers. In addition, if possible, it should have the obfuscated servers feature, the multi-hop technique or a feature of its own to detect blockages.

In conclusion, something important that you should always keep in mind is to use a guaranteed VPN. You will find many available, both free and paid. But if you want to improve security and avoid problems, it is essential to use a program that is reliable, has good reviews and never compromises your personal data. It is also important to prevent the VPN from shutting down.