Best Search Engines for the Deep Web and the Dark Web

The Deep Web is also known as the Deep Internet and is a layer of content that is not indexed by the search engines we use regularly. It will not appear on Google, Bing or Yahoo but these search engines will only show you results from the superficial part of the Internet. But if you want to find content that is far beyond, you can use some of the best search engines for Deep Web and Dark Web.

What you see every day on the Internet can be imagined as an iceberg of which we only see the tip, the accessible information, which is only 4% of the total in total. But if we continue going down in that block of ice, as they explain from Panda Security, we can find different stages and levels of depth in which the Deep Web would be and even reach the Dark Web at the end of the layers.


Deep Web vs Dark Web

Far from what is usually thought, the Deep Web is not a dangerous or illegal place. The Deep Web not only has “dark” or “dangerous” things as you have been led to believe, but there is a lot of relevant information and valuable resources. It is not indexed content but public access, so you will not have to install any special browser to access this type of pages or content but find a search engine that allows you to access these resources or know where to find them.

In the case of the Dark Web, it only allows access with special browsers and indicated for it, so the first thing you will have to do is use Tor Browser as a browser. There are more complex ways in which you can use the Tor network to connect to this part of the Internet but you will not need any knowledge if you use Tor Browser, a browser that is already available for Windows, Mac, Linux or Android systems and that will suffice with that you go to their website to download it for free on the device you want to use.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a very similar browser, in terms of use and interface, to any other you have used. You can use it on a daily basis to navigate the superficial Internet but you can also access the Dark Web from the best Deep Web search engines that we leave below. To install it:

  • Go to the Tor Browser page
  • Choose your operating system
  • Download the file to your computer
  • Choose the destination folder
  • Install following the process
  • Run the browser

Or download it also on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

  • Go to Google Play
  • Search for “Tor Browser” or access the Tor download link for Android
  • Download to your mobile phone
  • Start navigating safely

tor browser

Search engines for the Deep Web

As we say, to access the best search engines of the Deep Web you don’t need an “extra” installation of any type of file but you will find results that are not indexed in search engines but are accessible to all users.

Wayback machine

To enter Wayback Machine you will not have to do it from Tor Browser but it is one of the most interesting search engines and allows you to find pages in their old look years or months ago, on the day you want. You will find screenshots of that site at an exact moment in history. It has a wide collection of captures with information that is available on the Deep Web and that you will not find in conventional browsers such as Google.


The WWW Virtual Library

The WWW Virtual Library allows you to access all types of Internet archives of all fields and all subjects, society or law or education or agriculture. You can browse the different categories or do a search to find something you want. It is a complete directory that has been running for years and in which you will find practically everything you can think of.

The WWW Virtual Library


This search engine is something different from the others, since it provides a different search method. Use the autocomplete function , or suggestions, to find content through the web pages that match your internal language. We will start writing a name, a keyword or a topic and give us search suggestions. It is very useful to find very current information.


The Labyrinth

Another very specialized search engine. The Labyrinth offers, free and organized, access to many resources and information on medieval studies. Its links offer connection to databases, services, texts and studies around the world about the Middle Ages and each user can find what they are looking for in an area where there is a lot of information and in which finding what we want in a specific way is how to find a needle in a haystack.



This library of digital and scientific literature does not stop growing. It is a search engine focused on the literature on computers and scientific information , a huge library that increasingly has more and more volumes and whose function is to try to avoid the dissemination of information as extensive as scientific. CiteSeerX tries to end this dysfunction, focusing its shot on functionality, usability, efficiency and easy understanding of scientific material and educational knowledge.



In this case, Pipl is one of the best search engines in the Deep Wb if you are looking for profiles of people on the web or contact information. It is a quite specific search engine that aims to find people from all over the world with emails, names, phone numbers, contact details … It boasts of being able to find millions of people thanks to the information shared at some point. The search engine uses algorithms capable of finding information on all types of records, scientific publications, personal data information, etc.

Pipl en la Deep Web


The default search engine that includes Tor Browser is DuckDuckGo and is one of the best search engines for the Deep Web but also allows you to access the Dark Web. DuckDuckGo has many advantages and stands out for its privacy: it does not have identifiers , it does not associate searches with users and it will not know anything about you. In addition, it is virtually identical to Google so it will be one of the easiest ways for you to find what you are looking for if you are a beginner.

DuckDuckGo para la Deep Web

Search engines for the Dark Web

To enter the Dark Web you will need to enter through the Tor network.

The Hidden Wiki

One of the best ways to navigate the Deep Web is to make use of The Hidden Wiki. As its name implies, it is a kind of Wiki or directory with the main links to pages and services that are available. It is one of the most practical ways not to get lost among all the content and you can find all kinds of perfectly organized topics and pages.

It is not one of the search engines for the Deep Web or Dark Web as such but it is a comfortable and practical index in which you will find direct links to the pages that interest you, organized by themes. It is a collaborative project carried out by users and that will guide you. You can find information to improve privacy, pages related to bitcoin laundering, black drug market, fake documentation, stolen PayPal accounts … Everything you imagine will be on The Hidden Wiki with its links that will take you directly to the site you are looking for.

Hidden Wiki - buscadores en la Deep Web


Torch is one of the best search engines on the Deep Web and one of the longest and most popular, which has been running for more than twenty years. Its interface is very similar to Google but its operation is much more complex. Of course, if you use it for a while you will get used to it and you will see that it is one of the best options to find anything you need. He says he has more than one million pages indexed in the database and the only drawback is that we will find ads.



Candle is practically identical to Google and even its design will remind you of the classic Mountain View search engine. But nothing resembles the content since it only shows .onion results and not superficial Internet results. To use it, just choose the exact keywords and it will show you all the available results. It is quite simple and intuitive if you are looking for something general.


Tor Links

TorLinks is a directory where you will find all kinds of .onion links to access the Dark Web. Simply choose the theme that interests you or browse through the s categories to find the addresses you are looking for. You will find all kinds of possible topics and links along with a brief description that tells you what it is.



To find in NotEvil it will be enough to match the keywords of what you need . You will only have to use the search bar and press the enter button to find the relevant results that interest you. It has all kinds of links that will take you to pages that you find useful and has no ads that bother you among all the available information you can find. In addition, the interface is quite simple and you will find it quite simple when using it.



If you intend to find one of the best search engines to find all kinds of content on the black market. If you are using the Deep Web or the Dark Web to buy something, it is one of the best options you can use for this and is specifically designed to find buy and sell content.