The Best Free Proxies to Browse the Internet Anonymously 2019-2020

Society increasingly values privacy and anonymity on the Internet, after a few years in which we were not aware of everything we were delivering to third parties without consideration. To all this, the so-called cases of mass espionage and security breaches that have ended up filtering private user data have contributed. But, in addition, there is a widespread suspicion that someone is “watching” everything we do. For that reason, the use of tools such as VPN or proxy has grown. Below, we explain what they are for and what are the best free proxies in 2020.


What is a proxy server?

A proxy or proxy server is a computer network that “acts as an intermediary” between requests made by a client to another server. If a person requests to visit a web page, they will do so through a request to the proxy server. This will transfer the request to the destination website that the user who actually requested it will not know.


The advantages of using a proxy go through the anonymity of users because, if everyone identifies as one, it is difficult for the destination server or web to differentiate them. However, not all are advantages because, unlike VPNs, a proxy hides the original IP , but does not encrypt our connection.

Differences between VPN and Proxy

A proxy acts as a mere intermediary between the user and an application, web or service (your server), but does not change anything else in the connection. It does not encrypt the connection or its content, hiding only the original IP.

A VPN is a more complete solution that protects our connection by encrypting its content , but also hides the IP. This allows us to skip the geographical block or access portals blocked by our operator. It is the recommendation when we use a public WiFi.

Therefore, we must know very well what we want to do to choose one or another solution . If we simply want to hide our IP quickly and cheaply (free with the proxies in this article) a proxy server will be enough. If on the contrary we want a solution of security, privacy and anonymity, we will have no choice but to opt for a VPN (in addition, for one of the best VPN ).

Best free proxy to surf anonymously

Once we have clear the differences, we have to know the best free proxy to surf the Internet anonymously. As we have said, they are online solutions that allow us to hide our IP, but they are not authentic answers to a completely browsing without a trace.


A free web proxy that is advertised with the vitola of offering maximum speed and security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. In addition, its website does not offer any type of advertising and even has shortcuts to the most famous portals such as YouTube or Facebook. In a dropdown we can choose 15 servers in the United States and 10 in the European Union.

proxy gratis


Another free alternative that even has a portable browser that we can use from any computer without installation. This proxy has a Chrome and Firefox extension , as well as allowing you to choose between ten different proxy servers. It has Pro version of payment with more speed and without advertising.

proxy gratis

Hidester Proxy

Allows you to select a server in Europe or the US , in addition to allowing or disabling cookies, encrypt the URL and other functions. It has an extension for Google Chrome and 128-bit SSL encryption.

proxy gratis

Hide My Ass

One of the best known has servers in the United States, Germany, Holland, London or the Czech Republic . Its options include the possibility of encrypting URLs, deactivating cookies or deleting scripts.

proxy gratis

Hide me

Free proxy with a good reputation that offers three servers in Holland, Germany and the United States , in addition to the usual options. It even offers us the possibility to download your free VPN.

Proxy Free

This free proxy stands out for giving us the latency of the intermediate server , something that will help us choose one or the other. We can allow cookies, remove page headers and much more.

VPNBook Proxy

Servers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and France along with 256-bit SSL encryption.

FilterBypass Proxy

Proxy server that is advertised for YouTube , although we can use it with more services. Unlike others, it does not allow you to choose the server, but it does enable or disable certain options.

Hideoxy Proxy

A free proxy without too many options , to say none. It may be a backup option if we have had problems with more complete ones.


Good solution for the anonymity that has been active since 1997 . Despite this, we have to skip a series of steps to get to the free version that, in addition to everything, does not allow you to choose a server or customize anything.

New IP Now

Nice name for a website that offers many free servers to choose from , detailing their IP addresses and location. Beyond that, you don’t have many options.

Fast USA Proxy

A web proxy server that looks somewhat dark and gloomy, although with options to encrypt the URL or allow cookies. We cannot choose server.

Site2 Proxy

Simple proxy with no options to access anonymously, although it does not work on some occasions.

NNTime Proxy

Free proxy with paid version of $ 3.43 per month . It offers us a huge list of servers with a lot of information about them.

Don’t Filter

Another proxy server to avoid blockages that does not allow you to choose server and has a somewhat outdated appearance.

Unblock Proxy

With an appearance similar to the previous one and the same few customization options.

Yellow Proxy

It allows you to encrypt URL , encrypt landing page, remove scripts, allow cookies and other things. It has shortcuts to popular services.


Many web servers and many options to choose an IP from different countries , in addition to the traditional options of allowing cookies or removing scripts.


With web version or also extension for Chrome. It offers shortcuts to the most visited portals, but lacks advanced options or the possibility to change the server.

Whoer Proxy

It only offers extensions for the main browsers and no web version. The extension for Google Chrome has a rating of more than 4 stars (out of 5) by 38 users and has been downloaded by more than 13,000 users.

Netmap Anonymizer

Servers in Holland, Italy and the United States, in addition to allowing to change the navigation agent, something that we have not seen in many of the other alternatives that we propose.

Zalmos Proxy

Clean and careful appearance for a web proxy without too many options, but with direct access to the most visited pages on the planet.