Best Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, which one should I buy?

The current smartwatch market offers a plethora of options, prompting more and more people to consider purchasing one. Among the most popular brands are Apple and Samsung, whose wearables – the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch – rank among the top performers. In this article, we will compare the features of both watches and help you determine which one is best suited to your needs.

To achieve this, we have analyzed the key attributes of each brand and compiled a list of options for each, ensuring you can make an informed decision and acquire a smartwatch that guarantees satisfaction.

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Main features of each brand

Both smartwatches offer an elegant and modern design, with the Apple Watch featuring a square design with rounded edges and the Samsung Galaxy Watch featuring a round design. Different size options are available for both watches to ensure a comfortable fit on different wrist sizes. Additionally, both watches use high-quality AMOLED panels, although the Galaxy Watch has a larger and brighter screen.

The Apple Watch runs on watchOS and is exclusively compatible with iOS devices, requiring an iPhone for initial setup. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is powered by Tizen and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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If you’re an iPhone user, the Apple Watch is the obvious choice. However, if you have an Android device or are uncertain about your future device, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a better option.

Both smartwatches offer similar features, although the latest generation of Apple Watch may have an edge in functionality. The main difference lies in the price, with the Apple Watch being one of the most expensive wearables on the market, ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros depending on the model. In comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is more affordable, with prices ranging from 200 to 400 euros.

Which Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch you should buy

We have curated a list of smartwatches from both Apple and Samsung that cater to different preferences. To help you make an informed decision, we have provided a brief description of each model highlighting their unique features and functionalities.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) – This discounted smartwatch for 163 euros offers an elegant design and a plethora of health and fitness features. Its Super AMOLED screen and Gorilla Glass DX protection provide excellent durability. With a battery life of approximately 40 hours, this smartwatch allows you to answer phone calls and is equipped with Wear OS as its operating system.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 BT (40 mm) : This model is similar to the previous one, but without the need for a SIM card to make or receive calls. Instead, it relies on Bluetooth connectivity with your phone, which means you need to be in close proximity to use this feature. However, it still includes all the hardware and monitoring features, and is available at MediaMarkt for €189.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 BT (40mm) : The Samsung smartwatch of the latest generation is packed with wellness and performance features, available for a price of 219 euros. It boasts a high-resolution AMOLED display that is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. With a battery life of up to 45 hours, the watch charges quickly and is equipped with a BioActive sensor that can measure heart rate, electrocardiogram, and body temperature. Additionally, it allows you to analyze your sleep, measure blood pressure and oxygen saturation, and track more than 90 different exercises.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Priced at 176 euros, this smartwatch offers a range of useful features for users. Its 1.4-inch circular AMOLED touch screen, heart rate sensor, GPS, NFC, and water and dust resistance make it a reliable device for everyday use. It can also be connected to a mobile phone to receive notifications, calls, and messages. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is a comfortable and versatile accessory suitable for all-day wear.

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  • Apple Watch SE 2022 (40 mm) : The Apple Watch SE 2022 is an all-in-one smartwatch that offers a blend of sleek design, advanced features, and impressive performance for €287. Its tri-color aluminum casing houses a 1.78-inch high-resolution display, while its advanced sensors, including an altimeter, compass, electrocardiogram, and fall detection, monitor your health and physical activity. It also provides seamless connectivity, enabling you to respond to messages, make and receive calls, receive notifications, and access apps on the go.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm) – The Apple Watch Series 8 is Apple’s flagship smartwatch, boasting a 45mm always-on Retina display that delivers stunning image quality. Priced at €462 at MediaMarkt, this device is equipped with a temperature sensor that monitors your general well-being, a blood oxygen sensor that measures your saturation level, an electrocardiogram that records your heart rate, and an accident detection function that can assist you in emergencies.