Best Alternatives to the YouTube App to Download Music and More

YouTube, Google's streaming video service, has its own official application for Android mobile devices. But in it, some users miss certain functions that are neither available nor expected to ever arrive. So, to solve these shortcomings, fortunately we have some alternatives to YouTube that serve the same, but they let us go further.

For some reasons or for others, in the official YouTube application there are a number of limitations. And some do not affect the experience of use, while others do. But on Android there are alternatives to practically everything, and YouTube is not left out of this. So, we have made, for you, a selection of the best applications to enjoy streaming video service with the advanced features that Google will never give you.

New Pipe - Light and free

New Pipe is not only a 'free' alternative to the YouTube application, but it is also lighter. We do not need Google Play Services, we can configure the quality of streaming and also let us download videos and music easily, as well as play in the background. And if your phone is just technical specifications, this app is more convenient than the official YouTube to enjoy the service.

OGYouTube - YouTube, but modified

Part based on the original, so the interface is identical in almost all its sections. However, it is a modified version with some advantages, such as the possibility of downloading videos directly from the application for playback locally, and save the ads when we are watching our favorite content creators. It has other advantages that make it one of the perfect alternatives.

TubeMate - You choose

It is one of the most popular alternatives to YouTube and that is, among other things, because in addition to choosing any format for video, we can even choose streaming only from audio. In this way, music videos can be played as songs reducing the consumption of our data rate. But it offers other advantages, such as downloading videos from other platforms.

VidMate - What are you going to download today?

VidMate reduces ads and allows us to download videos as easily as possible, so it is a good ally that should not be missing on our smartphones if we often enjoy watching YouTube videos. As in many of the similar apps, we can quickly and easily choose in what format we want our downloads to be made and then enjoy them without an Internet connection.

FlyTube - The YouTube you were looking for

Although part based on YouTube, its interface is somewhat differentiated. And it allows us to play only music, in addition to enjoying the app in a floating window and, of course, with the screen locked. It also eliminates the ads, so the advantages of FlyTube over the official application of the streaming video service are not few. And obviously, it is an application that we can download for free.

YouTube Vanced - The 'Pro' version of YouTube

YouTube Vanced is probably the best alternative to YouTube, the official app, among all the possible options. It blocks ads, allows us to choose quality in greater detail, has specific dark mode and allows background playback. But it also allows you to activate and deactivate the suggestion cards of all channels, among many other options that the official app does not have.

YouTube Go - The official, but lightweight

If your phone goes short of memory, and other hardware resources, YouTube Go is the official app, but simplified. In addition, it is specifically designed to reduce the consumption of mobile data, so it is an ideal option if we have a fair rate or, as we advanced, an economic mobile. However, if what you are looking for is something unofficial, and away from Google, this is not your option to download.

SnapTube - Download what you want

Like many others in this selection, SnapTube is not only an alternative to the official YouTube app for Android; It is also a tool to download music and videos from the platform. But it is one of the most popular for its simplicity of use, many options that it offers, and also for the interface section that is somewhat more careful than in other similar applications.

iTube - From YouTube to your mobile

Again, an app that, although it has less popularity than SnapTube, for example, allows us to play videos from the platform in the background, but also other advanced options such as downloading content from the platform. This is perhaps not the most complete option, but it is a lightweight app that has most of the functions that users are looking for outside the official Google.