All About PS4 Hacking: Jailbreak, Compatible Firmwares and More

All About PS4 Hacking

The PlayStation 4 lifecycle is coming to an end, and while the PS4 system has proven to be a tough nut to crack all this time, no software is invulnerable. Since November 2013, hackers from all over the world, authentic cybersecurity experts, have had their eyes on the Sony console. And obviously, on some occasions, they have managed to get through the Trojan gates, allowing backups to be loaded —legal or illegal—, emulators and all kinds of unofficial software . If you’re interested in unlocking your PS4 and willing to take its chances, here’s everything you need to know about the advancement of the scene on PlayStation 4 .

What is PS4 jailbreak?

In order to unlock any console, it is necessary that the software —or even the hardware, sometimes— present some type of vulnerability that allows hackers to access and modify parts of the console’s memory to subsequently alter permissions and even control the private keys at best. It is this vulnerability or open backdoor that is exploited to install unauthorized software, and in the end, this process of intrusion is what is called a jailbreak . And that is just what they have managed to do with the mythical PS4, find the perfect security hole to be able to do everything you can imagine with the console.

What PS4 Firmware Versions Allow Jailbreaking ?

In general terms, consoles with firmware lower than 6.72 present a series of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by third-party programs. These are the featured versions:

  • Firmware 1.76: whose jailbreak came years later, and therefore, being useful for very few users.
  • Firmware 4.05 – Using the ‘namedobj’ kernel exploit.
  • Firmware 4.55 – Making use of the original ‘bpf’ kernel exploit.
  • Firmware 5.05 – Using the second ‘bpf’ kernel exploit.
  • Firmware 6.72 – Following the steps discovered by sleirsgoevy .

Any console lower than firmware 6.72 can be updated manually via a USB storage device, by downloading the original firmware from unofficial repositories on the Internet.

The best method: Firmware 9.00 – December 2021

However, the most recent method affects PS4 firmware 9.00 , released by Sony in December 2021 . In a matter of weeks, this hacking method has become very popular, and the scene around PlayStation 4 has come on in leaps and bounds. This is not a permanent exploit , but rather makes use of a payload , installed on a USB stick directly to the console and launched via an Internet web site. However, this method is the one that has the most ballots to establish itself as the definitive PlayStation 4 hack , since it has a good following by the community, at the same time that it is exaggeratedly simple to execute .

How to Prepare your console for the version 9.00 exploit

update 900 ps4

Previous requirements

First of all, we must have a PlayStation 4 with version 9.00 or lower. In the event that we are in a version below 9.00, we will have to update via offline searching the Internet for an official firmware file, and loading the update via USB.

On the other hand, we must have the automatic update of our console disabled , a basic requirement that any user who has in mind to release his console at some point must follow.

Create a USB with the disk image

To make use of this new vulnerability, it is necessary to use a flash drive , which will serve as a key to open the doors of our console. Any one will do, and you should use an old one, since the vulnerability exploited with this method does not require large files or anything strange, and will render the pen useless for other tasks .

We simply have to locate the ‘exfathax’ disk image on the Internet, called ‘exfathax.img’ and save it to the pendrive using the well-known win32diskmanager tool .

Once the USB device is prepared, we must take into account that it will have to be used every time we start the console , since the ‘hacking’ will be disabled after each restart. However, it is possible that this method will advance over time and there will come a time when it is not necessary to do this process.

Prepare the DNS

  • With the PS4 on Firmware 9.00, we go to Settings > Network > Configure Internet Connection > Wi-Fi / LAN > Personalize .
  • Then, we are accepting the automatic steps except the DNS, which we will configure manually. We will put the following:
    • Primary DNS :
    • Secondary DNS :
  • We continue to accept the following steps and test the Internet connection.

If after doing this step, your console does not have Internet, you must call your service provider (your ISP), and ask them to open those specific DNS, since it will be the company that is limiting your connection to those addresses.

By changing the DNS, what we will achieve is to avoid Sony’s control when connecting to the Internet, at the same time that we will open a listening port that will later serve to activate and exploit the vulnerability to unlock the PS4 console.

Clean browser

  • We open the PS4 web browser.
  • Press the ‘Options’ button and go to Settings> Delete Cookies .
  • Then, on the same screen, we click on ‘ Delete website data ‘.
  • Once this step is done, we close the browser and we will have everything ready.

How to use the version 9.00 exploit

ps4 goldhen

  1. Carry out all the previous steps that we have mentioned in the previous section.
  2. Start your console without inserting the pendrive.
  3. Open your web browser, and type the URL corresponding to the Auto Exploit from Night King , the developer behind this vulnerability. It is currently under the domain, although it may change if legal action is taken. In any case, once you have located the URL, press ‘Options’ on your controller and bookmark the address so you don’t have to type it over and over again.
  4. Once the URL loads, you will be prompted to insert the USB through a request launched by JavaScript. We place the pendrive that we have prepared in the PC in the previous steps and wait . We will not click OK.
  5. After a few seconds, the PS4 system will notify us that the file system of the inserted flash drive is not compatible . When the message is removed from the screen , we click on accept .
  6. The payload will be injected from the web.
  7. Once the process is done, we will be able to exit the web browser and we will have access to GoldHEN within Settings , where we can enable an FTP or even use a package installer to add all kinds of programs to our console or load backups of games.
  8. When we have access to GoldHEN , we can remove the flash drive from the console to connect a hard drive and store the games we want there. However, you must remember that you will have to repeat these steps again when you restart the console (steps 3 to 6).
  9. If you pass the console to sleep mode , you will not have to use the flash drive when you wake up the console again.