Top 5 Monitoring Apps to Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages without Touching It

Seeing your boyfriend glued to his phone while you are in front of him can be nerve-wracking. You wonder to whom he is texting with so much interest that he is unaware of your presence.

If you open up about your concerns with him then more likely he’ll blame you for being over-concerned. But, your gut feelings say something is surely cooking under your nose.

The ideal way to come out from this dilemma is to get a text message monitoring app and become a James Bond for the sake of your relationship and mental peace. In case you’re wondering if it’s possible or not, here are the top 5 apps that make it very much possible.

#1 – Spyic

Spyic is our first choice to take into consideration when you need to find out the truth without creating any further mess and staying feared throughout.


By using a novel text monitoring technology, Spyic has helped millions across the world to spy on other’s text flawlessly. Taking the remote text message spying at a whole new level was the thing that made world media go ga-go over it.

Media giants like Forbes, CNET, and Top10 Reviews have praised Spyic multiple times and they still never miss a chance.

Are you up in the air about risk-free text message spying as:

  • You consider yourself as a novice in this field
  • The traditional text message monitoring processes like jailbreak and rooting is nothing but a headache
  • You fear losing your crucial information in the quest.

If all these fears are giving you sleepless nights then checking my boyfriend’s text messages with Spyic will not be free from these hassles then you’re wrong.

Text message spying with Spyic is way advanced and risk-free as there is no jailbreak/rooting is involved. Also, Spyic doesn’t follow the old-school rule to save data on the server while offering a text message monitoring facility to you.

This way, it ensures that you are out of harm’s way once and for all. All the fears and qualms that used to haunt you if you decide upon traditional text monitoring will come to an end if you prefer Spyic. The brain behind Spyic, its developers, surely needs a huge round of applause to create such a masterpiece.

Text Spying Like Never Before

When we talk about monitoring someone’s texts, the first question that will come pop-up in your mind is:

Can we actually do it with full credibility?

The reason that gives rise to this question is our fondness for texting.

Texting is one phone activity that is used most. We don’t make calls so often. But we drop/receive texts hundred times in a day and this makes us think that tracking someone’s texting activity with a conviction is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

But then Spyic came into being and that day onwards, everything got changed. Now, you can monitor all the texting activities without the restriction of:

  • Targeted OS type – Be it iOS or Android, Spyic works wonderfully. Spyic for iOS comes with a unique 100% web-based interface that works without asking for any download and installation. Then we have Spyic for Android that is nothing but a tech marvel.
  • Its Compact size – With less than 3MB size, this text message monitoring app has managed to do detailed spying. Its stealth mode deserves special mention as it makes the app icon go vanish.
  • Lack of right skills – You need not to be a hacking pro to use Spyic. This is the most straightforward tool that you can ever use.
  • Budget – If the high price is what keeps you away from text message monitoring then Spyic’s subscriptions are the best thing that could ever happen to you. They are quite affordable.

#2 – Spyier

Check the Spyier’s website and you will find out why we have decided to talk about it today. This text message spying app has millions of satisfied customers, 35+ remote monitoring features, and affordable subscription to prove our decision right.


In case these reasons were not enough for you, here is another rundown:

  • Spyier’s jailbreak/rooting free operation has managed to draw the attention of world-media including us.
  • We are a diehard fan of its user-friendliness. It scores an A in this section.
  • The data that Spyier renders is of high-quality and never misses a single detail.

#3 – Minspy

If this discussion is about the top five monitoring apps then it’s not going to get complete without the mention of Minspy.


What lured us more about Minspy was its data rendering ability! No matter how frequently the target gets involved texting, you will keep an eye on everything.

The things that made us praise Minspy are:

  • It’s risk-free and secure operations. Jailbreak/rooting/ saving data on the server are some of the things that made us believe that if someone wants to enjoy text messages monitoring then it has to be via Minspy.
  • Minspy stands peerless when it comes to cost-effectiveness. You can monitor one’s text messages for one month using Minspy at a mere cost of $10.

#4 – Spyine


The kind of ease and effortlessness Spyine brings in text monitoring is praiseworthy as it never makes you up in the air at any level. Be it the worry of lacking the right skill or lack of data credibility, Spyine’s monitoring is free from these hassles.

  • Spyine has a web-based interface and stealth mode facility to keep your motives hidden.
  • The data is 100% reliable and free from any flaws.
  • No need to worry about going kaput as its subscriptions are affordable.

#5 – Neatspy

Wrapping up the article without discussing Neatspy will be like ending Sunday Brunch without the cake or ice-cream. This remote monitoring app has taken the text spying at a whole new level.

Before Neatspy, all those who wish to monitor texting activity were haunted by the fears like:

  • Losing crucial data
  • Trying hand on jailbreak/rooting
  • Spending lifetime’s saving on a hunch
  • Missing crucial details

But, with Neatspy, these fears are left far behind as its ground-breaking technology is free from all these worries.

Have the ultimate peace of mind

Gone those days when girlfriends used to sulk for days when they find out that their boyfriend is seeing someone else. Now, they have a tech-driven ally-remote monitoring app to find out the truth.

Spyic’s contribution in this regard is commendable. Though it’s our first choice, we also suggest you have trust on our other picks as they are no less than Spyic and have used the most-inventive spying technology.